Are We Right For You?

Are we right for you?coloured-balls

Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s see if we can help you decide.

If we are we’d love to hear from you – simply click on the Apply Now button, answer some brief questions and we’ll call to chat to you some more.

However if we’re not, that’s not a problem.  We don’t expect to be right for everyone and you have to be happy where you work to be happy in the work you do.  If we’re not right for you all we wish is that you find a setting that is and that you continue to help children grow and develop.

We want you to be happy in your work.


Can We Make You Happy?

Of course not.

Only you can do that.

But we can provide the support and create the conditions where you can bring your energy, skills, passion and enthusiasm to making a difference for children and their families.

Now, if you are right for us, that may well make you happy!

Our job is to work hard to create the right conditions and environment for you to do your best work.  We’ll bring you into the Hopes & Dreams family where we recognise that all of our people are important and have a vital role to play in providing opportunities for the children.

Whether you’re working directly with the children or working behind the scenes you will play a vital role in our success.

But many nurseries will claim the same.


What is different about Hopes & Dreams?

We have two key approaches that make us unique.

The first is our clarity of purpose.  We know why we are doing this.

Happy Children, Positive Futures

These simple four words are our purpose and are vitally important for us, giving us a distinct advantage.  They constantly remind us about what we are here to achieve.

The second is our Core Values

Our Core Values framework guides us and reminds us how we need to show up every day through our work.  The Core Values will help you to understand what is expected of you, to feel part of the team and know how your efforts help all of us to achieve our goals.

To find out more about the Hopes & Dreams story, our Purpose and Core Values approach click HERE, leave us your name and email address and we’ll send you the information.


Are You Right For Us?

We appreciate that working in childcare is a tough job.

The hours are long, the work is hard, you have huge responsibility and the money is never enough.


But the opportunity to do great work, to inspire children, to put a smile on their faces, to see them grow and develop to fulfil their potential motivates all of our team.

We get the chance to connect with children during the most amazing period of development in their entire lives.  We can have a hugely positive influence on that child, and their family.

Our clarity of purpose is what makes everyone on our teams give their best day in day out.  That’s what makes our people the best!

If you are excited about the challenge of working with children and would love to work hard alongside others in our team who share the same passion and enthusiasm as you do then we want to hear from you.

If you can have fun doing hard but rewarding work we want to hear from you.


Don’t be shy

Click on the Apply Now button and let’s see about taking your work to the next level, bring out the best in you and help more children be happy and have positive futures.





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